Our services

Railtraxx offers high quality and competitive railwayproducts to the liberalized market. It is licensed to use the public railnetwork in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands and operates trains with own locomotives.

The experienced Railtraxx Team will make sure that your cargo will arrive on time at its destination and they are aware of the fact that a train is not a standalone transport, but part of a larger logistical chain where communication is a crucial quality.

Railtraxx is a customer-focused company, with a prio 1 focus on Safety, offering cost-efficient products. The Company has a good relation with several European Railwayundertakings and believes in collaboration where it makes sense for the final customer.

Railtraxx offers blocktrain products in a wide range of commodities such as intermodal, car traffic and conventional traffic.

Railtraxx drives about 100 trains per week both national and International running through Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands. You can find our loco’s operating from Zeebrugge to the Austrian or Swiss border.

Besides the blocktrain products Railtraxx delivers Last mile activities in Belgium. We have a tailormade last mile Network in the Port of Antwerp covering 32 different sidings and Terminals. More last mile hubs will be started in the next months. A train only arrives when the cargo is at disposal of the customer!

The current actionradius of Railtraxx is the railwaynetwork 300km around Antwerp, covering all mayor Seaports and Industrial hotspots. 2 International antenna’s to Basel and Passau are feeding the network.

The International Planning and 24/7 Operations department in Antwerp is planning, actively monitoring and communicating on your trains journey. They are happy to assist you with any additional question on your train.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out a potential match between your company and Railtraxx. We are open-minded to any request, and Railtraxx can assist you with any exceptional transport, waste transports and dangerous goods transports.